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MessageDefinition: EnrolmentNominationRequestMessageDefinition

Official URL: Version: 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT
Draft as of 2020-04-21 Computable Name:

Defines the message used to request an enrolment

Generated Narrative: MessageDefinition

ResourceMessageDefinition "EnrolmentNominationRequestMessageDefinition"


version: 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT

status: draft

date: 2020-04-21

publisher: Te Whatu Ora

contact: Te Whatu Ora:

description: Defines the message used to request an enrolment

event: GP Enrolment Nomination (Details: NES Event Type code FLS_ENROLMENT_NOMINATION = ' GP Enrolment Nomination ', stated as ' null ')


code: Patient

profile: NHI Patient

min: 1

max: 1


code: RelatedPerson

min: 1

max: 2


code: Practitioner

profile: HPI Practitioner

min: 0

max: 1