New Zealand NES IG
1.4.0-SNAPSHOT - Release

New Zealand NES IG - Local Development build (v1.4.0-SNAPSHOT) built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) Build Tools. See the Directory of published versions

Update Enrolment

Update Enrolment for Patient

Update an existing enrolment record.

Update EnrolmentFHIR ClientFHIR ClientNESNESEEEEEEPUT[base]/EpisodeOfCare/EN12349876Validatecreate200 - UpdatedNESEnrolment

Update Enrolment processing steps:

  1. A FHIR Client sends a PUT request to the NES EpisodeOfCare endpoint with the enrolment id in the path, and a payload containing the NesEnrolment resource to be updated
  2. The request is validated - ALT: Validation failure. Operation Outcome resource returned
  3. The Enrolment EEE database is replaced in the with the enrolment resource described in the update payload
  4. The updated NESEnrolment is returned to the client

Update Enrolment Request Example

upodate Enrolment request

Business Rules

Currently update may only be used to

  • add or modify the qualified encounter date, or
  • add a termination reason to an enrolment . This will result in the enrolment being ended.