New Zealand NES IG
1.4.0-SNAPSHOT - Release

New Zealand NES IG - Local Development build (v1.4.0-SNAPSHOT) built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) Build Tools. See the Directory of published versions

Get Entitlement

Get Entitlement by ID


The Get Entitlement operation allows an authorised user to retrieve an Entitlement record for a Patient using a known Entitlement record id.

Get EntitlementIntegrating application userIntegrating application userIntegrating applicationIntegrating application<FHIR API> NES Entitlement<FHIR API> NES EntitlementDBDBLook up personsentitlement with NHInumberGET<Endpoint>/Coverage/[entitlement-id]Validate[]RequestReturn Coverage resourceDisplay Entitlement details

Get Entitlement processing steps:

  1. The user requests a specific Entitlement to be looked up.
  2. The integrating application sends a GET request to the NES Coverage endpoint with the Entitlement id in the path
  3. The request is validated - ALT: Validation failure. Operation Outcome resource returned
  4. The entitlement is retrieved from the database
  5. An NESEntitlement is returned to the client

Get Entitlement Response Example

get entitlement response message 1

Get Entitlement Rules and Errors

For Request rules and errors click here
Rule Error code Error description Error text Http code
An Entitlement read request must include a valid Entitlement-id
  • EM12020
  • EM12021
  • Entitlement cannot be found
  • Invalid entitlement-id
  • Entitlement cannot be found
  • Invalid entitlement-id
  • 404 Not found
  • 400 Bad request