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Active as of 2024-05-26 Computable Name: NewZealandNESIG

This is the Implementation Guide for an HL7® FHIR© interface for the National Enrolment Service (NES). It brings together all the artifacts that are necessary to understand and use the NES FHIR APIs. It is based on FHIR R4 and NZBase IG 2.0-rc1

The NES is a registry service that holds information about

  • Enrolments - This includes an enrolment with a general practitioner, a lead maternity carer, or a nomination to a well child provider.
  • Entitlements - This includes community services cards (csc) and high user heath cards (huhc).
  • The New Born enrolment service (NBES) - This includes an enrolment nomination for a newborn to a general practitioner.

The key entities that are supported are:

This guide uses artifacts from New Zealand Base Implementation Guide.

Organization of the Guide

  • Business view: The Business context of the NES

  • Use cases: The expected Use Cases including the FHIR interactions that the NES supports.

  • Important information Onboarding, general implementation notes, frequently asked questions, glossary

  • Compliance testing: Information on the process for onboarding and compliance, and the specific tests for each of the NES FHIR interactions.

  • API: Information on the specific features supported by the API.

  • Profiles: Details of the data elements included in the Coverage and CareTeam profiles.

  • Extensions: List of extensions defined by the guide.

  • Message definitions Message definitions used to support the NBES.

  • Terminology: List of the FHIR terminology artifacts defined within this implementation guide For other FHIR terminology see the HL7® FHIR® New Zealand Base Implementation Guide. Links can be found from each of the artifacts in the patient and address profiles).

  • Table of contents: Document list of what is available in this implementation guide.

  • Artifact Index: This is a tab automatically generated during the build of the Implementation Guide, and lists all the FHIR artifacts defined by the guide with a link to the details.

  • Support Links to the FHIR spec and downloads.

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